About Us

Coming from a blue-collar family, work has always been a blessing physically. However one of co-owner’s suffered a traumatic back injury in his early 20s. The problem increased as the years went on. He always had the idea to participate in his kids' activities however he was sidelined most of the time. Everything became impossible. The ages most affected by this are between the ages of 20 and 60+.

There are over 50 million search results when you type in the lower back; this is a huge problem. The only conclusion the doctors were able to recommend ways to strengthen his lower back by doing non-impact sports. That only left room for swimming and biking - trailing very far back was yoga (he does not like it).

His first shot was at the local swimming pool. There was only a small problem, he never learned how to swim; so he would take all the floatings from the kids. This went on for a couple of months until his legs would cramp up continuously. After trying to deal with the cramps and almost drowning a couple of time he gave up on swimming.

He made his next move to cycling. He made many visits to the surrounding bike shops and he found a couple of things that did not make him too comfortable. 1. The sales staff was happy to talk and sell bikes (or parts) but did not understand the lower back trauma. 2. It’s very hard to talk to someone when commissions get in the way. 3. Why does it have to be so expensive?

With the assistance of his great friend, he started his journey to make great memories with his family; and cycling was going to be the vehicle to help him.

Today he’s back is getting so much better and his family is thankful for it.

We know there are many ways you will try to maintain or recover your health; if you have considered cycling - consider Pit Crew Cycles. If you enjoy health and throwing yourself off a mountain is your thing - then consider us also (just don’t break your back).