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PRO Missle Ski Bend Clip On Alloy Aerobars 31.8mm

PRO Missle Ski Bend Clip On Alloy Aerobars 31.8mm

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Shimano PRO Missle Ski Bend Clip On Aluminum Aero bars 31.8mm.
PRO Missile Clip-Ons are designed to attach to any 31.8mm center-section handlebar.

They work with drop bars, they work with aero base bars. You can use them on the track, the road, time trials, and triathlons.

As with all of PROs gear, they are easy to set up and adjust. Two brackets attach to the handlebar, and its easy to tell which is right and which is left.

The clamp on the extensions is round so the cant of the extensions can be customized. The extensions are marked so you can accurately dial in the extension.

The armrests clamp to the extensions, and also feature a round clamp, so you can mount them just about anywhere on the extension and adjust their cant as well.

The brackets are also designed so you can adjust the width of the pads, too. The pads are soft and 1cm thick.

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum
Bend: Ski-Bend 45-Degree Angle
Length: 344mm
Weight: 484g

Original PRO parts guarantee that all components work perfectly for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.